Applied Research Journal

The APPLIED RESEARCH JOURNAL is a scholarly journal published QUARTERLY. It is an open access journal that provides scholarly, educative and prompt articles that satisfy the growing demand for scientific research. 

Aims and Scope:

The APPLIED RESEARCH JOURNAL welcomes world's scientists research and their findings. In the recent decades over growth of human population brought new kinds of problems into the nature in which economic, social, environmental and technology. The Applied Research Journal will publish the papers delivered from all over the world. The essential target of the journal is to set a base for distribution of those papers to the scientists who study on very diversified disciplines. The authors are invited to bring about new approaches to the current problems of economics, environment, business, agriculture, technology, development, sociology, science, health. The submitted papers are expected to be well arranged, contained good quality of graphs and illustrations, well organized presentation of subject and render a good linkage between the aim, results and conclusion.